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Bike Kitchen Linz

The Bike Kitchen Linz (BKL) is an open non-profit DIY workshop, where you are able to fix, service, pimp or transform your bike ON YOUR OWN. In the workshop you'll find specialised literature and special tools you can use, the work itself has to be done by you.

Do it yourself!

Of course you get help from people at the BKL, but not everyone there is a professional so sometimes it's a trial and error process. You'll find used spare parts and old bikes, while stocks lasts. All the stuff there is donated or bought with donated money. From scrap to something new or something new turns into scrap! Do it yourself!


On Thursdays from 5 p.m. till …. except rain / snowfall /cold or somebody forgets to open.


You can find the BKL in front of KAPU – Kapuzinerstraße 36. Where?

There is no boss and no payed service at the BKL. Everyone is cordially invited to participate.

There is nothing existing like pay for work/hour or repair, you give what you are able to give or what you want to give. All donations are used for the trailer, tools and spare parts.

Stop by! Participate! HAVE FUN!

The BKL is against racism, sexism, homophobia, capitalism, gentrification and oppression in every other way ... People who do not respect this will be kicked away!!!